What's New

We have now upgraded our Blackboard to version 8.0. Instructors will see the changes beginning with September 2008 courses. The new features are noted below.

Grade Center (gradebook)
Almost entirely redesigned, and newly named, the Grade Center offers new features and improvements over the previous gradebook. Here is a list of of those features.

A redesigned tool bar, titled the Action Bar, through wich mulitple functions are possible.
The ability to create and print Reports, such as final grades.
Inline editing:the ability to enter grades directly through the Grade Center spreadsheet.
New grade calculations, Average grade and Minimum/Maximum grade, and improvements to the creation of Weighted grades and Total points grade.
Smart Views — the ability to categorize Students into groupings based on selected criteria. These views can be displayed in the Grade Center.
The ability to create Grading Schema: multiple grading scales that match Assessment grades to chosen grade displays, such as text or percent grades.
Email users directly through the Grade Center.
Self and Peer Assessment
The new Self and Peer Assessment Building Block is a comprehensive and flexible tool for the self- and peer assessment of text, images, and digital-based resources within Blackboard Learning System. It allows an Instructor to create an exercise with a list of questions for the assessor. These questions can have a variety of grading or marking criteria, created or selected by the Instructor, to be used in the assessment. The Instructor then distributes the exercise with the questions and criteria to the Students. The Instructor can choose to have the Student assess his or her own work or the works of other Students. In turn, the Students submit the work, to be viewed by the Instructor. The Instructor can monitor the progress of the assessment, download the assessment submission and results, and add the assessment marking to the Grade Center.

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